서인영 (Seo In young) Mini Album [Oh my gosh] Official MV

DATE : 2011.11.16. Official Site : Copyright ⓒ 2008-2011 STAREMPIRE ENT. All rights 가요계 최고의 완소아이콘.. 가창력 최고 디바의 귀환! 때로는 쿨하게! 때로는 사랑스럽게! 서인영이 …

Album gosh Mini Official Young 서인영
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  1. oh my gosh this song is horrible. I was expecting more..and what’s with the
    beyonce moves in the beginning?

  2. Seo In Young was a Jewelry member back then with Park Jung Ah. She is
    actually one of Korea’s best singers but she released a dance track this
    time. She now has her own entertainment company after leaving Star Empire.

  3. Just wondering, how does this song sound like “I Like That”? The chords
    aren’t even the same. The synth chords sound more like “City in Florida” by

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