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  1. As a man, I have no shame in admitting that Seo In Guk is my biggest man
    crush. This video just confirmed it.

  2. This slipped under my radar (like many MV’s, it seems). It was released
    earlier this year.
    It’s SWINGS feat. Seo InGuk!!!
    I love Seo InGuk because he loves and appreciates Hoya!!!
    ENJOY the vid!
    But, those shoes, lady… really?
    Looking forward to the day when ALL women LOVE COMFORTABLE SHOES!!! (*^_^)

    스윙스(Swings) – 줄래(Would You?) feat.서인국(Seo In Guk) [Official MV]

  3. How did I miss this earlier? Such a nice song, and Seo In Guk looking so
    fine in a suit as an added bonus in the MV.

  4. I dunno who’s Seo In Guk but nice flow. Swings tho, DAYUM SWINGS. Mate, ya
    gotta sing for me one day. Hahaha, anyway, chill for some awsome soulful
    hiphop. Enjoy #Swings is the word

  5. came here for swings but in the end totally fell in love with seo in guk,
    damn you SIG for making swept off my feet every time

  6. I’d like to share this little gem with you all! If some of you are already
    familiar….well guess what, let history repeat itself! #lovethissong
    #kpop #seoinguk

  7. Nice song and MV. I recognize the beautiful lady, too. It is NS Yoon-G.
    She has made some excellent MVs of her own since this one. See “Yasisi”,
    et al. 

  8. This song is good, the rapping the singing just hdjslappq so good and then
    we have seo in-guk looking good and just hdjslappq and then swings

  9. The song is damn fine, Swings is freaking dope and Seo In Guk is almost
    unbearably gorgeous ugh *.* Perfection.

  10. can i say swings is actually not cute but pretty sexy!! he has swag for
    reals! And i know people hate comparisons but isnt seo in guk like a sexier
    justin timberlake in this vid????

  11. After he says “Come over here” at 0:19, what does he say? I hear “You might
    get lucky”. 😀 I love this song. I can’t believe that I just discovered it.

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