HTML Shortcodes

Easily insert HTML tags as shortcodes right into the visual editor. Current version supports A, BR, BUTTON, DIV, HR, IMG, P, amnd SPAN. To use the plugin insert a shortcode into your post or page like this: [div class=”classname” id=”idname” style=”stylename” foo=”bar”]Content1[div_end] This will output the following HTML: <div class=”classname” id=”idname” style=”stylename” foo=”bar”>Content1</div> Upload the […]

WordPress Show & Create Custom HTML Plugin – GEO Request

Focus on what matters – show your site visitors only HTML elements you want them to see! Plugin displays html landing pages based on visitors location, set-cookie and referrer. In-template keywords can display variable visitor information, such as visitors: Referral url & domain Country Name IP Country Code Region Code Region Name City Zip Code […]

Custom HTML and JS Shortcodes by AnWPPro

Custom HTML and JS Shortcodes plugin allows you to add custom HTML or javascript code to your site with a help of shortcode. The plugin requires PHP version 5.4 or greater and WordPress 4.9 or greater. Features Creating custom html or js shortcodes as custom post types Inserting shortcode by id or title Syntax highlighting […]

Lightweight HTML Minify

Lightweight HTML Minify plugin provide feature to install and minify HTML, Means you don’t have to worry about any setting it will automatically minify HTML code in single line. Warning This plugin have sessions put down in the header, which can prevent certain server configs from caching. Features: No Setting Install And automatically minify HTML […]

Inline HTML, CSS & Javascript Minified

This plugin was derived from a simple observation – I could not find a plugin that successfully minified my front-end – HTML, CSS and Javascript. Donations Either install via WP Admin / Plugins or copy the files to wp-content/plugins. Once activated, you can go to Settings > Inline HTML, CSS & Javascript Minifier to set […]

html suffix

1) Go to WordPress dashboard 2) Then settings->permalinks 3) Default permalink structure is look like /%postname%/ 4)Now remove all tag and add .html extension at the end of the permalink. shown below EXAMPLE : /%postname%.html Just Add .html 5)Now click on save changes button Now your are done add html suffix in wordpress url […]

Tabular – Create Stunning HTML Tables

Tabular is a brand new way to create HTML tables for your WordPress website. Each table is created automatically so no manual coding is required. Simply enter table data, or paste in directly from a spreadsheet, choose your table template, and that’s it. You’re good to go! A full demo will be coming soon but […]

GM HTML Carousel

GM HTML Carousel creates a text or HTML carousel with infinite scrolling directly from your WordPress page. No messing with admin settings or entering content into a databse. The carousel is implemented using simple shortcodes. Features Super simple. Infinite carousel loop. Carousel items are navigable. Desktop uses click navigation. Mobile uses left/right swipe navigation. Simple […]

Step by step guide to convert html template to WordPress theme

Before 20 years, the websites are developed with text and static HTML only. But as technology is growing we have lots of new ways to create any complex to a simple website. There are so many options available to develop a user-friendly website. View full post on WordPress Tutorials

WP HTML Mail – for Give Donations

A simple add-on to use your WP HTML Mail email template with Give donations. I also works with per form emails add-on for give. Simply design your email template without writing a single line of code. One template for all your WordPress emails. Works with WordPress core emails, several contact form plugins, WooCommerce, Easy Digital […]

Search in HTML

Arbitrary section 1 Upload search-html.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Place <?php do_action(‘search-html_hook’); ?> in your templates Installation Instructions Upload search-html.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Place <?php do_action(‘search-html_hook’); ?> in your templates A question that someone might have […]

CMSMove: HTML to WordPress Migration

This plugin allows you to migrate your posts, users, comments and other data from HTML to WordPress. After installed this plugin, you will be redirected to the CMSMove where you can select entities and plugins you need to migration. The plugin is free to download and install however you will have to pay for the […]

Hostio HTML & WHMCS Web Hosting WordPress Theme (Hosting)

HOSTIO is a readymade web hosting WordPress theme for immediate use — created as straight forward as it can be. It’s built with modern and contemporary ui design. We built this theme on Visual Composer, a very convenient drag-n-drop PageBuilder for WordPress. It should provide you with the smoothest experience while creating your website with […]