HTTP Flood

1- HTTP Connection Principle Before connecting to a system running in the HTTP protocol, a data stream is generated between the server and the client called three way handshake. Let’s first examine how a normal connection is established. SYN The client sends a SYN (Synchronize) packet that indicates that we want to connect to the […]

WPSiteSync for HTTP Authentication

This plugin provides the ability to configure WPSiteSync with an HTTP Authentication username and password to be used when communicating with a Target server that is set up with Authentication. Usage Scenarios: If you’re using WPSiteSync with a staging server but want to limit access to the staging server via HTTP Authentication, this is the […]

How to Move a WordPress Website from HTTP to HTTPS/SSL

In this article, you will learn the meaning and difference between SSL and HTTPS, how to install and activate an SSL certificate and how to move WordPress from using the insecure HTTP communications protocol to HTTPS. View full post on WordPress Tutorials