WPSSO Breadcrumbs Markup in Schema JSON-LD for Google / SEO (No Setup Required)

Add Schema BreadcrumbList markup to posts, pages, and custom post types. Select between using ancestors (parents, grand-parents, etc.) or categories for breadcrumbs. No complicated code to enter, functions to call, or templates to modify: Simply activate / deactivate the WPSSO Breadcrumbs Markup plugin to enable / disable the addition of Schema BreadcrumbList markup in your […]

Vendor wizard setup – An intergration plugin for Dokan

Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Check shortcodes to create views and use it Help Installation: Contact our at job.vtgroup@gmail.com Demo: http://vt-group.vn/searchfriend/vendor-wizard-setup/ User: demo pass: demo123 Vendor wizard setup is a intergration plugin for Dokan of WP. It help easy setting vendor account. It included: 1) […]

Setup Folio – Portfolio WordPress Theme (Portfolio)

Setupfolio – Portfolio WordPress Theme. Setupfolio is the WordPress theme for Freelancers, agencies, webshops, small business owners and other similar businesses. Industry was well researched and pages were built based on the research. Making the theme fit to niche as much as possible and to make it possible for you to have a full website […]

Editium – Clean and Elegant WordPress Blog / Magazine – Easy to setup and SEO ready. (Blog / Magazine)

Editium is a clean and timeless WordPress Blog / Magazine to put onwards your content. Enjoy a very easy setup with many options, but not as many as to get lost. Bring your website online in no time. Delight your visitors with a finely crafted theme to give them a comfortable user experience on every […]

Personage – Easy Setup CV Resume (Personal)

Personage is a beautiful resume theme, it’s a combination of latest web technologies with modern and clean design. Almost all the elements are professionally animated, so it gives your website a live feeling and your visitors will enjoy browsing your website even more. Live animation + your motivated resume will change your future! You can […]

WordPress Tutorial – How to Setup WordPress as a Regular Website

websiterockstars.com Most people know that WordPress is a great way to start a blog, but did you know that WordPress can also be a great way to create a regular website? Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. It just takes a couple of simple steps.