Stionic Users – WordPress Users API

Stionic Users has expanded the WordPress REST API for manager Users. Allows you create mobile app for WordPress. Features Register users Reset password by username Change users avatar Logout everywhere else This plugin support API login with Facebook by access token Docs & Support Register users Send ‘POST’ request to ‘/wp-json/wp/v2/m_users/register’ with params ‘username’ and […]

Internal functions for users

Plugin is specially for users, to add the necessary functions in dashboard. Method A Download & Extract the zip file. Upload the container folder to “wp-content/plugins/” Method B Enter your website Admin Dashboard Mouseover “Plugins>Add New” and enter the plugin name 1.1 First release. Installation Instructions Method A Download & Extract the zip file. […]

Exim Users

Export or Import wordpress users in one click. After downloading and extracting latest version of the plugin: Upload exim-users folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Go to Tools -> Exim Users in WordPress Admin If you encounter any bugs, or have comments or suggestions, please submit a […]

User profile – Online Users

Display online users on your website made easy by this plugin, use via shortcode to display anywhere. User profile – Online Users by User profile – Online Users! » Support !» Documentation! » Shortcodes Online users list List of online user with thumbnails and total online user counter. [online_users] User Online Status Check user […]

Game Users Share Buttons

Twitter、Facebook、Google+など(全10サイト)のシェアボタンが利用できるようになるプラグインです。自由度の高いカスタマイズが行え、他にないオリジナルのシェアボタンを作成できます。設定 > Game Users Share Buttons を開いてシェアボタンを作成・編集してください。 特徴 Game Users Share Buttonsは優れた機能を提供しています。 動作が軽快: 公式が用意しているボタンよりも動作が軽快です テーマが豊富: 様々なデザインのテーマを利用できます 好きな画像が使える: 世界中の素材サイトからアイコン画像をダウンロードして利用できます オリジナルのシェアボタン: 自由度の高いカスタマイズが行え、オリジナルのシェアボタンが作れます 商用利用可能: 商用・非商用、どちらの用途でも利用できます 対応 Social Media 全10サイト + RSS & Mail ボタン Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Pocket: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Tumblr: はてなブックマーク: LINE: Feedly: Link Official Site GitHub […]

Users Activity – convert visitors to users

Plugin Users Activity is designed for more successful conversion of site visitors to regular users. With the help of the plugin it is possible to register new users on the site with confirmation of their email, and also it’s convenient to create in the navigation menu links to the pages of the account, registration, sign-in […]

WooCommerce For Logged Users

Set the WooCommerce Shop only for logged users. Just activate the plugin and users not logged will be redirect to “My Account” page to login or register before. Upload woo-for-logged-users.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Installation Instructions Upload woo-for-logged-users.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through […]

SSV Users

SSV Users is a plugin that allows you to manage members of a Students Sports Club the way you want to. With this plugin you can: – Have a frontend registration and login page – Customize member data fields, – Easy manage, view and edit member profiles. – Etc. This plugin is fully compatible with […]

Elements for Users v1.3.2 – Addon for Visual Composer

Define your rule and take control of your content with Visual Composer and WordPress. Show Visual Composer content elements only to the target visitors or members you want. Demo: View full post on WPLOCKER.COM – FREE WORDPRESS THEMES & PLUGINS